"I am so grateful that there are people like That's My New Car. Working with them was so satisfying. I would never buy another car from anybody else."

— Michael Goldberg

Frequently Asked Questions

Check here first for answers to questions that are frequently asked or feel free to contact us anytime.

Q: What information do I need to supply in order to get approved for a loan?

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A: You need to supply proof of the following:

  • 1. Residence
  • 2. Income
  • 3. Cell/Home Phone 
  • 4. Checking/Savings Account
  • 5. Valid State Issued Driver's License
Q: I don't get a traditional paycheck, what information besides a paystub can I use to prove my income ?

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A: As long as you can prove income from any source (social security, welfare, job, disability check, cash deposits), you will be approved for a loan.

Q: How much of a down payment do I need?

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A: The typical answer is $1,750 down. That being said, each car is different depending on the price, some require less down. But if you have $1,750 down, you could get into any car we have.

Q: Am I leasing or purchasing this car?

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A: You are purchasing the car. It belongs to you, unlike some dealers who don't even tell you that you are leasing the car or try to hide that fact from you. Once the loan is paid back, the title comes to you in your name.

Q: Is my new car going to be state inspected before I purchase it?

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A: We give you a one year State Inspection and Emissions sticker. Our repair facility has been State Inspection Certified for nearly 15 years. We completely check out your vehicle before it drives off the lot. If anything is close to failing (tires, brakes, etc) we always replace them.

Q: Is there a warranty that covers my new car?

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A: We have a two year warranty provided by a third party and have been working with them for years. The warranty covers more than just your engine and transmission (though that's great to have too)! If you are making payments on your vehicle and a covered part fails, the warranty will pay for the repair with zero deductible for you. Now that's peace of mind. The cost of the warranty will be included in your monthly payment, when you finance it in.