"These guys were great. On Monday I told them what I was looking for, what I wanted in it, how much I wanted to pay, and that I needed it right away because I had just wrecked my old car. They found the car I was looking for and delivered it to me on Friday, for the amount agreed upon, which was $4,500 below any other dealer's price on that same car, and even took away my wrecked car. They are unlike any car dealers I've ever dealt with. Thank you so much!"

— Joanne Baldino


LoanKeep getting turned down for financing? Not here.

Up until now, you may have believed that it was impossible to get a loan for a car. Perhaps you think that if you did get a loan, it would be so expensive that the cost wouldn't be worth it. We get calls nearly everyday from customers who have attempted to get financing elsewhere before coming to us. Many of these conversations end with "I wish I knew about you guys before!"

We are here to help

If you have bad/damaged/no credit, other dealers see it as an opportunity to take advantage of you. Other dealers may tell you that a small down payment will get you into a car. What they don't tell you is that you will be stuck with large monthly payments. The overall cost of that purchase can be 2 to 3 times what you would be paying if you had good credit! At ThatsMyNewCar.com, your past credit history doesn't matter. Not only are you buying a car from us that you will absolutely love, you are paying what you should be paying.

Here's what you need to do

If you've done your research and are frustrated with how difficult and expensive a car purchase can be, give us a call or stop in. We'll show you how easy and affordable it should be. We don't ask for your social security number. Your past doesn't matter for loan purposes, but our finance company does need proof of the following things:

Proof of Residence

Just bring something that comes to your house with your name on it. It could be a utility bill, cable bill, or even a piece of junk mail. As long as your address is not a PO Box, we can use it as proof of residence.

Proof of Income

You may or may not get a paycheck. If you do, just provide your last paystub. If you don't get a traditional paycheck or derive your income elsewhere (social security benefits, welfare, settlement claim, etc), just bring proof of this income.

Proof of a Bank Account

You can either have a checking, savings or Green Dot account. Just provide proof that the account is in your name.

Proof of Cell or Home Phone

Most people don't have home phones anymore, but just provide proof of how you make and recieve calls and we can use that as proof of phone.

Proof of a State Issued Driver's License

It goes without saying that you need a driver's license, but unfortunately for some (no matter how good a driver they are), they don't have a license that is state issued. The only way we can provide registration for your vehicle is having that type of license. (as a side note, when you lease a car you don't need a state issued license, which is why some dealers only lease cars and why they are able to charge exorbitant rates for such cheap cars. This group of people can't get a car by any other means, don't get grouped in.)